Saturday, March 30, 2019

The American Indian Rights Movement by Eric Braun - ADVISABLE

The American Indian Rights Movement by Eric Braun, 32 pages. NONFICTION. Lerner Publishing Group, 2019. $28. 9781541523333



This nonfiction book gives an overview history of the fight for Civil Rights by American Indians throughout US history. There is some discussion of how the US government made treaties and then broke those, and the various aspects of equality American Indians have protested and fought for even until the present day.

I think this is an important book to have in libraries. When we discuss civil rights we so often focus solely on the 1960's movements with Martin Luther King, Jr. and that is ignoring large swaths of America's people. I liked the simple way this story was written--clearly an elementary or low middle level--and the number of pictures included. There are also individual activists highlighted throughout. This is a short read but valuable to introducing young readers to the American Indian Rights movement.

Reviewer: TC

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