Genre Labels


RETIRED - Abracadabra 

RETIRED - Between Worlds, Through Time  

RETIRED - Castles in the Air 

NEW - Crowns and Thrones - Queens, kings, princesses, and princes -- all of the games and intrigues of courts and courtly behaviors

Faerie Court  - fantasy about trolls, elves, dwarves and such

Fairy-ly Twisted – Reworked fairy tales and such – not classics - fairy tales with a twist

Firebreathers and Friends - Fantasy about dragons and other animals with human or magical characteristics

RETIRED - Flights of Fantasy 

NEW - Gates to Magical Places - Whether traveling through time, to new dimensions, or to worlds (only fantasy books - not for science fiction)

NEW - Have Quest, Will Travel - these fantasy heroes are about to set off on epic journeys or partake of heroic quests

Knights in Shining Armor - King Arthur, Merlin, Robin Hood and knights of all kinds.

NEW - Magic Between the Pages - fantasy books that continue the stories of classic fantasy worlds, or involves books or libraries

NEW - Myth Worlds - Books about mythology and novels based on mythological stories and characters

Once Upon a Time  - Classic Fairy tales, legends and myths - NOT FOR REWORKED TALES, ONLY FOR THE CLASSIC VERSIONS

RETIRED - More Than a Tiara 

Swords and Sorcery  - Epic tales and long series of high fantasy - the best kind!

Touched With Magic  - books about ordinary teens who finds themselves with magical powers

NEW - Schooled in Magic - boarding schools, apprenticeships - all those way that magic is taught and passed on

RENAMED - Warrior’s Heart – heroic actions, whether modern or historic

NEW - Worlds of Wonder - for fantasy that doesn’t fit in any other category


Aliens Among us – Life on earth, complete with aliens (no space faring)

Apocalypse Now-ish – Post-apocalyptic fiction – don’t confuse with government control

Avengers and Villains – fiction dealing superheroes and supervillains

Big Brother is Watching –Science fiction dealing with government control, future earths without aliens, modern and future technology that happens on Earth. 

RENAMED - Gears and Gadgets – Steampunk and Victorian era fiction that includes robots and such

Short Circuit:  Robots and computer-based fiction

Space: The Final Frontier - space oriented science fiction


Circle the Wagons – American historical fiction about  exploration and the westward movement

Flappers and Doughboys – Turn of the Century, Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression in American historical fiction

RETIRED - Gunslingers 

History's Lessons – general historical fiction from around the world (NOT American)

Lest We Forget -  The Holocaust

Red White and Blue  - historical fiction about America that doesn’t fit the other American historical fiction catagories

Natives and Immigrants – American historical fiction about native Americans and anything immigration related.

RWB War – American historical fiction about War on American soil.

We Shall Overcome – American Historical fiction about slavery and the civil rights era

War is ****   - war fiction from around the world


RETIRED - Boys Will Be 

RETIRED - Brave New Girl 

Can You Keep a Secret? - fiction about teens who have a secret to hide (not spies or detectives)

Candle in the Dark – religious fiction for teens

NEW - Chasing Normal - Normal?  What’s normal? whatever it is, these teens are trying to find something like it or maybe learn to accept what they have

NEW - Family Ties - Family-focused drama

Get Off My Back – fiction about modern teens who want everyone to leave them alone.

RETIRED - Girlfriend 

Kiss Me, You Fool  - romantic stories

Nothin’ but Net – fiction about traditional sports

Old Fashioned Girls  - Fiction about girls from old-fashioned times

One False Move  - Fiction (not spy or detective novels), where the charter’s life is in danger

Pack Your Bags  - modern fiction about life in other countries.

RENAMED - Sticking the Trick – Fiction about sports that have wheels involved

School Daze – Fiction about kids problems, adventures and challenges in a school setting that don’t fit another label.

Stand By Me – Showing off the best things about having friends

Take a Hike - White water, steep cliffs and other dangers lurk and man tries to conquer nature.

The Show Must Go On – Drama class, dance and band – fiction about the performing arts

Tickle My Funny Bone - humorous fiction

NEW - Undaunted - Despite their obstacles, these teens will not be stopped

Walk in My Shoes – Books about the modern immigration experience (may be used as a second subject label)


Brewing Up Trouble - Witches

Bump in the Night – Ghost stories

Dangerous Kiss – Supernatural ROMANCE

Darkness Creeping  - Werewolves and other creepy things wait for you here; not vampires, zombies,  or witches; not supernatural romance

Night has Bite – Vampire books

Tales from the Crypt – specifically for zombie books


Spy Games  - Spy novels (NOT murder mysteries or detective fiction), whether adults or children as the characters

RETIRED - Stab in the Dark 

Intrigue and Espionage - Sometimes murder, but definitely mysteries 

Sleuths in Sneakers – Detective novels with young main characters



RETIRED - Hoofbeats  

RENAMED - Man's Best Friends - Books with animals as a main character, but they must be acting like regular animals.  Magical animals go under FIREBREATHERS AND FRIENDS

RETIRED - Sail the Seven Seas 

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