HI!  I'm Cindy and I am the founder of Kiss the Book.  My parents would say that I was never without a book in hand - and certainly going to the library was always the best part of every week.  I taught middle school social studies for 8 years, but for the last 20 years I have been a middle school librarian.  I originally started KTB in 2003 as a web page on my school website.  But then I discovered blogger and embraced it as the best way to let others know about new books.  I have given presentations about new books and about using picture books in secondary schools at many conferences locally and would love to talk to you about coming your conference or meeting.  I hope you enjoy our site.  You can contact me at

Gina - I have been a Media Specialist for the past 10 years in both a high school and elementary school setting and love my job!  There is nothing more rewarding that helping a child connect with a book and develop a life long love of reading.  I love all types of books especially fiction and have been an avid reader all my life.  I have been reviewing with KTB since 2016. 

My name is Amy Hanson, and I am an elementary school teacher. I have always enjoyed reading, but I especially love reading with children. I love reading books with them and seeing the excitement on their faces as they begin to understand the story. There is nothing comparable to the joy felt when a child learns their first word or reads their first book. Reading children's books for me not only brings me personal enjoyment because I love to read, but also because I love to have a big "toolbox" of books I can recommend to students. When a child has just the right book in front of them, magic happens. Most of the time all it takes is one role model or one book for them to ignite the passion of reading. My favorite quote is by Mary McLeod Bethune who said, "The whole world opened to me when I learned to read." Reading is the foundation of a successful and beautiful life. 

My name is Carolina Herdegen, and I have been reviewing books for kissthebook since 2010. My love of books, though, goes back to when I started reading at age 4. As the daughter of a Naval officer, we moved frequently while I was growing up, and my books were the friends that I could always take with me. I often reread my favorite books and wrap myself up in the comfort of familiar stories, but I never grow tired of finding new characters and new worlds to fall in love with.

TC - I am a middle school history teacher turned stay-at-home 
mom. I work with the Utah Council for the Social Studies Book Club and as such read a lot of historical nonfiction. Reading YA Literature is a great break and I especially enjoy historical fiction, picture books, and anything that tells a quality story. I appreciate authors who show rather than just tell. My two kids and awesome husband keep me on my toes, so I always appreciate getting time to read. Reading is even more fun with a good cookie or M&Ms on the side. 

Sydney is a certified librarian and former English teacher. She has worked with every grade from K-12 and is currently at the elementary level. She is also a wife, mother, and voracious reader. Her favorite genre is whatever type she's reading at the moment.

Pamela - I have always been someone who chooses to spend my free time reading. For the past six years, I have been working as a teacher-librarian in an elementary school in the Salt Lake City School District, where 90% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch, and 90% speak a language other than English at home. I spend my days encouraging my 500 or so students to read, read, read! And it helps when I've read everything in the collection myself. At least, that is always my goal. Working with this blog as a reviewer is one way I get to know new books. I have been writing reviews since about 2010. I know that the power of stories can change lives and change the world! They can also take you on  exciting adventures without even costing a cent. Sharing books and my joy for reading with these youngsters is my passion and keeps me young!

Ali - High school history teacher. I will read anything, but I tend to gravitate toward mystery, fantasy/supernatural, and historical fiction. I've been with KTB since 2012.

Celeste - I have been blogging on Kiss the Book for seven years.  If I have free time, I like to spend it reading.  I taught English and History for four years, but have spent the last fourteen years raising my three kids.  I serve at my local elementary school on the PTA Birthday Book Club buying books with donations from parents.  I am in a few book clubs with friends and teacher groups and love talking about books.  I keep up on my teaching license through taking classes every year on upcoming young adult literature and social studies books.  Because I have children, I always hope that reviewing for Kiss the Book helps librarians, teachers and parents direct their kids to books that they will love.

My name is Shay Woodruff-Walton and I'm a high school librarian. I started my public education career in elementary school and when I received my Master's Degree in Library Science, I was so pleased to have the opportunity to become a Library Media Specialist, although it was a big change to move to a high school. I've loved to read since I was very young and I felt such a huge desire to help students understand how to find and interpret their own information once I finished my graduate degree. Reviewing for Kiss the Book has allowed me to be able to continue to read picture books, which I didn't get to do as often once entering a high school setting (but read all the time now with my children). I have two young daughters who help give me perspective on those early childhood reads as well. Reviewing books also allows me to stay up to date on the new YA books that are being published and I've been a reviewer since 2012. I love to spend time with my family, run, hike, camp, road bike, travel, sew, and READ. Historical fiction and fantasy have a particularly special place in my heart. 

Hello I'm Lisa and I've been blogging for Kiss the Book since 2012.  I have been a middle school librarian for 8 years, and have taught reading and theatre for 17 years. I've had a love for children's, middle grade and YA literature all my life - "playing outside" meant reading in a tree.  I love recommending books to both children and adults.  Finding the perfect book for someone; connecting a reluctant reader with a book that inspires them is the golden apple of being a librarian. 

Samantha Hastings has retired from actively blogging to concentrate on her writing career.

Stephanie has retired from actively blogging to pursue her toddler around the house!

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