Saturday, November 30, 2019

Do Not Open this Math Book: Addition and Subtraction by Danica McKellar –OPTIONAL

Do Not Open this Math Book: Addition and Subtraction by Danica McKellar, 293 pages. NONFICTION. Crown Books, 2018, $19 Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content: G; Violence: G.



A non-fiction book to help young readers learn Addition and Subtraction in a fun and easy step by step way. Readers are guided along by a cartoon mouse and a cartoon version of the author as they introduce a variety of methods for learning the same concept, math games, and fun tricks. Lots of cartoon illustrations throughout.

This is a fantastic book for a parent or tutor to use with a child struggling with math. Its presentation is fun and appealing. I love that the author uses lots of different ways to teach similar concepts, so the reader has a better chance of finding out what works for them. The only way I could see adding this to your school library is if you had a parent resource section. I would recommend it highly for a parent looking to help their child at home.

Reviewer: Stephanie MLS & Author

The Skies Above My Eyes by Charlotte Guillain and Yuval Zommer - ESSENTIAL

The Skies Above My Eyes by Charlotte Guillain, Illustrated by Yuval Zommer. PICTURE BOOK. Maxime Boucknooghe, 2018. $23.00. 9781910277690



On the first page on this fact book, the author asks, “How often do you look upward?’ There are some many amazing things above our heads.  This fold out book takes you on a journey from earth, to miles above the sky, through the solar system.  Then, turning it over, it brings you back down to earth, teaching solar and weather facts all along the way.

This absorbing book takes you on a stretched journey through space and back. It describes facts about nature and the universe in such a compelling way. This delightful fold out book is over seven feet high, which inspires all to look up. 


Happy Fell by Erica S. Perl –OPTIONAL

Happy Fell (An Arnold & Louise Book) by Erica S. Perl, 60 pages. CHAPTER BOOK. Penguin, 2019 $?  Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content: G; Violence: G.



Arnold is a bear who just wants to be inside on a chilly day and bake. Louise is a free spirited squirrel who would like nothing more to celebrate ‘fell’ (her name for the season of fall, because the leaves fell), by racking up leaves into a giant pile and playing in them. For Arnold, it seems like everything that Louise does ends up in chaos; will he learn to accept her quirky ways?

A chapter book with cute illustrations, but there are several things that I didn’t quite gel with. While Arnold had to accept Louise for all that she is, I didn’t feel like Louise had to do the same about Arnold, which is a mixed message. Arnold’s love of order seems to be presented as not good, while just having fun like Louise likes to do is promoted as good, which is appealing to kids, but not so much to the adults buying the book for the kids.

Reviewer: Stephanie MLS & Author

Leonardo DaVinci by Patricia Jeis - ADVISABLE

Leonardo DaVinci by Patricia Jeis. PICTURE POP-UP/NON-FICTION. Princeton Architectural Press, 2018. $25. 9781616897666



Leonardo DaVinci trained as an artist in Florence, Italy at the young age of fourteen. His natural curiosity and attention to detail moved him into other areas of study, such as machinery, flight, and optical illusions.  Leonardo was the first to illustrate the exact proportions of the human body.  Growing up during the Renaissance (rebirth), Leonardo was a man for his time and beyond.

This book is a page turner for all who have a desire to learn about Leonardo DaVinci. The illustrations and pop ups inspire the imagination! My favorite is the pop-up page of his mechanical inventions.  Great art and fun combined!


Friday, November 29, 2019

The Owl and the Two Rabbits by Nadia Sammurtok, Marcus Cutler (Illustrator)- OPTIONAL

The Owl and the Two Rabbits by Nadia Sammurtok, illustrated by Marcus Cutler. PICTURE BOOK. Inhabit Media, 2019. $17. 9781772272369



On a beautiful evening two rabbit sisters want to play outside.  Against the advice and warning of their parents to stay hidden so they wouldn’t draw the attention of predators, they decide to play on some rocks.  In the beginning they tried to move slowly and stay hidden.  Eventually they forget about the warning and jump high, landing on the top of a big boulder.  Suddenly an owl swoops down and lands right in front of them.  So begins the “cat and mouse” chase between the owl and the two sister rabbits.  In this fun and adventurous tale the reader will be surprised by the unexpected ending. 

The Owl and the Two Rabbits is an exciting tale showing the importance of listening to parents, making choices and working together to solve problems.  The illustrations are exciting and fun.  The rabbits are depicted in a unique way that we loved!  Each expression exhibited by the rabbits is easy to understand simply by looking at the illustrations.  The unexpected ending may lead to many discussions between parents and children. 

Reviewer: SL

Grandpa's Top Threes by Wendy Meddour, Daniel Egneus (Illustrator)- ESSENTIAL

Grandpa's Top Threes by Wendy Meddour, illustrated by Daniel Egneus. PICTURE BOOK.
 Candlewick Press, 2019. $17. 9781536211252



Little Henry would really like his Grandpa to stop gardening and simply pay more attention to him.  Time after time he attempts to get his Grandpa’s attention.  When Henry complains to his mom she asks him to give Grandpa more time.  Henry gives his Grandpa six and a half minutes… then asks if Grandpa might want to play trains with him.  But Grandpa didn’t seem to hear.  Henry soon finds the way to his Grandpa’s heart by asking him personal questions.  It doesn’t take long for Henry and Grandpa to begin spending quality time eating sandwiches, sitting by the pond, playing trains, and counting stars. The one thing that Henry and Grandpa have in common is missing Grandma. “Granny’s top three stars were the sun, the North Star… And YOU!”

Grandpa’s Top Threes is such a tender story!  Parents and Grandparents alike will yearn to have a better relationship with their children and grandchildren after reading Grandpa’s Top Threes.  By reading together parents can help little ones deal with the passing of a grandparent or other special people they have lost.  The illustrations are warm and tender with an occasional splash of bright colors.    

Reviewer: SL

The Moose of Ewenki by Gerelchimeg Blackcrane, Jiu Er (Illustrator)- ASVISABLE

The Moose of Ewenki by Gerelchimeg Blackcrane, illustrated by Jiu Er, translated by Helen Mixter. PICTURE BOOK. Greystone Books, 2019. $20. 9781771645386



Reindeer Ewenki people hunt and raise reindeer. A hunter names Gee Skek unknowingly shot a female moose that had a baby.  The motherless baby moose followed Gee Shek back to his campsite. The baby moose learned how to drink reindeer milk and eat rice and bread.  Gee named the baby moose Xiao Han. As he grew, Xiao slept and stayed with the reindeer.  When Gee Shek hurt his foot, Xaio followed him down to the settlement while Gee healed and never left his side.  In the human world Xiao ran into trouble.  He ate the wrong foods, broke a fence, and was hunted by the humans. Gee Shek had no other choice than to give Xiao back to the forest.  Although Xiao was not a reindeer, he spent the rest of his life defending and protecting reindeer.  Read this heartwarming tale to find how Xiao survived the forest and what eventually became of to Gee Shek.

This true story beloved by children is a touching account of friendship based on true events described by Indigenous Ewenki people.  The illustrations beautifully represent the emotions found in this great tale.  The story will touch old and young at heart.  The last page has a fold out illustration of Xaio as an adult moose that will thrill readers.  We enjoyed this touching story. 

Reviewer: SL

Tallulah’s Ice Skates by Marilyn Singer and Alexander Boiger - ADVISABLE

Tallulah’s Ice Skates by Marilyn Singer, Illustrated by Alexander Boiger. PICTURE BOOK. Clarion Books, 2018. $18. 9780544596924



Tallulah knows she has talent as a ballet dancer.  She wants to transfer those talents to the ice. She learns rather swiftly that the skating technique is quite different than ballet. In her discouragement to transfer skills, she learns a valuable lesson from a friend.

The illustrations in this book create the high appeal rating.  They are clear and beautiful!  This book from the Tallulah series contains a soft spoken message of joy that warms the heart.


A Fall Ball for All by Jamie A. Swenson and Chiara Fedele - ESSENTIAL

A Fall Ball for All by Jamie A. Swenson, Illustrated by Chiara Fedele. PICTURE BOOK. Millbrook Press (Lerner), 2018. $20. 9781512498035



All the animals in the northern forest are invited to the annual Windfall Ball. The wind prepared for the ball as the animals prepared for winter by gathering in the harvest. Come enjoy their festive dance.

This beautifully illustrated book shares the joy of the fall colors and harvest. Swenson utilizes a double meaning of the word, windfall, to bring meaning to her story.  The meanings she employs are that the animals gather the fruit that has fallen to the ground from the strength of the wind, while also bringing a good fortune. 


Thursday, November 28, 2019

There is a Dinosaur on the 13th Floor by Wade Bradford and Kevin Hawkes - HIGH

There is a Dinosaur on the 13th Floor by Wade Bradford, Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes. PICTURE BOOK. Candlewick Press, 2018. $17. 9780763686659



Mr Snore, as his name implies, comes to the Sharemore hotel to get a good night’s rest. But, he finds that he cannot sleep because there is a mouse sleeping on his bed. The bellhop directs him to other floors, which are also shared by other animals.  Finally, Mr. Snore decides to try the 13th floor all by himself. Find out how the dinosaur on the 13th floor reacts to that.

Children will love the cute Dinosaur that lives on the 13th floor. The prose lacks some depth, but the ending is worth the read.


104-Story Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton - OPTIONAL

104-Story Treehouse (#9) by Andy Griffiths, illustrated by Terry Denton, 373 pages. Feiwel and Friends (Macmillan), 2019, $14.
Content G



Andy and Terry are back once again in the 9thinstallment of the treehouse series. This time Terry wants to write the book but when the story goes bad, the Story Police show up to arrest the whole treehouse gang for crimes against storytelling.  The crew spends most of the book trying to evade the Story Police and Story Jail.

I was rooting for the Story Police.  Yes, there are some major crimes against storytelling here, namely plot.  The treehouse idea is fun, but precious little actually happens in the treehouse.  If you’ve read one treehouse book you’ve pretty much got the concept: something weird comes up, but our intrepid duo still writes and delivers a book to their unlikable publisher in an unlikely way just barely before the deadline.  If you’re a fan and you’ve got cash to burn, yay!  If not, go build your own treehouse.  It will be way more satisfying.

Michelle in the Middle 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

All-of-a-Kind Family Hanukkah by Emily Jenkins and Paul O. Zelinsky - ADVISABLE

All-of-a-Kind Family Hanukkah by Emily Jenkins, Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky. PICTURE BOOK. Random House Children’s Books, $18. 9780399554193



Gertie, a 4 year old Jewish Girl, celebrates Hanukkah as the youngest of five girls (All-of-a Kind). She is caught up in the magic of it all and wants to help with the cooking of the latkes, but her mother sends her to her room, since all the kitchen tools are too sharp for her. In response, Gertie hides under her bed for revenge. Who will help her enjoy this special holiday?

Emily Jenkins recreated this story that was originally told by Sydney Taylor, the first author to publish books about Jewish children that reached readers of other faiths. The illustrator, Paul Zelinsky muddied up his paintings to “represent the qualities of a good potato latke”. I enjoyed the story but would have preferred clearer illustrations.  


Elbow Grease vs Motozilla by John Cena and Howard McWilliam - ESSENTIAL

Elbow Grease vs Motozilla by John Cena, illustrated by Howard McWilliam.  PICTURE BOOK. Random House, 2019.  $18. 9781524773533



Elbow Grease knows that he’ll probably never be faster, stronger, smarter, or more daring than his older brother trucks, but in order to defeat Motozilla, he may just have a way for them to be all that -- together!

I love that Elbow Grease is back in the Demolition Derby and showing that TEAMwork is the most powerful kind of work.  McWilliam’s illustrations draw everyone into the action.  Tip for librarians -- don’t tape down the back flap - kids will want to see what’s under there!

Cindy, Middle School Librarian, MLS

Gross as a Snot Otter by Jess Keating and David DeGrand - ESSENTIAL



Keating and DeGrand delight students with their look at 15 more gross, disturbing natural creatures. They now have four engrossing reads for anyone fascinated by the variety all around us.  Plenty of facts included to help understand why these creatures look the way they do. 

Cindy, Middle School Librarian, MLS

Happy Hair by Mechal Renee Roe - ESSENTIAL

Happy Hair by Mechal Renee Roe. PICTURE BOOK. Doubleday Books (Random), 2019.  $17. 9781984895547



Roe celebrates the textures and styles of natural hair with exuberant illustrations and joyful words. Let’s be honest - white girls will be jealous because their hair just won’t be able to do most of these things!

Cindy, Middle School Librarian, MLS

Recipe for Revenge (Thunder Cluck!) by Paul Tillery and Meg Wittwer - OPTIONAL

Recipe for Revenge (Thunder Cluck! Chicken of Thor) by Paul Tillery and Meg Wittwer, 215 pages. Roaring Book Press (Macmillan), 2019, $15.
Content G



Thunder Cluck is back for book two, and “Adventure’s back on the menu!”  That said, Thundercluck and Brunhilde have lost a library book and have until its due date to find and return it or be banished from Asgard. Apparently Odin takes losing a library book harder than losing a Valkyrie, because Brunhilde is also banned from using her magic as punishment until it’s returned. So the two begin their library book recovery adventure, and battle giant ants and evil, learning about friendship as they go.  

If you like quirky humor, this book is fun.  The illustrations compliment it nicely.  If you’ve ever had a pet you wished was your sidekick in adventure (other than a dog), maybe you can relate, though a basic understanding of Norse mythology may be helpful for young readers.  A little over the top and simplistic in places, I could see this being made into a cartoon series.

Michelle in the Middle

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Thurgood by Jonah Winter and Bryan Collier - ADVISABLE

Thurgood by Jonah Winter, illustrated by Bryan Collier NON-FICTION PICTURE BOOK. Schwartz and Wade (Random), 2019.  $18. 9781524765330



Together, Winter and Collier bring us a look into forces that shaped the life of Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall. We also see the ways that he shaped the entire country as a civil rights lawyer and Supreme Court justice. 

While the circumstances are obviously simplified for the picture book format and audience, the author and illustrator still portray Marshall’s life and career with amazing depth. More for upper elementary, but would easily supplement a variety of middle school or high school classes.

Cindy, Middle School Librarian, MLS

Sunny Day: A celebration of the Sesame Street theme song - ESSENTIAL



A wonderful celebration of Sesame Street and picture book illustrators! Both the illustrations and the choice of illustrators reinforce the show’s continuing diversity. 

Cindy, Middle School Librarian, MLS

What is a Refugee? by Elise Gravel - ESSENTIAL

What is a Refugee? by Elise Gravel. PICTURE BOOK. Schwartz and Wade (Random), 2019.  $18. 9780593120057



With simple but striking illustrations and simple but eloquent words, Gravel explains what a refugee is in a way that any one in the entire world can understand. While students may or may not be drawn to the book on their own, it will easily fit into any social studies or service learning lesson and many other places.  

Cindy, Middle School Librarian, MLS

I’m Not Millie by Mark Pett - ESSENTIAL

I’m Not Millie by Mark Pett. PICTURE BOOK. Knopf (Random), 2019. $18. 9781101937938



An off-page person keeps telling Mille not to do  this or not to do that, but each time, one of a n astonishing cast of animal characters say in one way or another that they are NOT MILLIE! 

The final reveal of the clever twist will inspire an immediate re-read and a discussion of each of the animals.  Very much a great book for parents of 2-5 year olds. I can’t say too much, because I want you to enjoy the lovely twist for yourself!

Cindy, Middle School Librarian, MLS

The Boy and the Bear by Tracey Corderoy with Sarah Massini - ESSENTIAL

The Boy and the Bear by Tracey Corderoy with Sarah Massini. PICTURE BOOK. Candlewick Press, 2019. $17. 9781536208146




Once upon a time there was a little boy who loved to play.  His favorites such as seesaw or catch or hide-and-seek needed two to play.  Yet the boy was all alone.  Excitedly the boy saw a Bear.  Perhaps he would become the boy’s  playmate? But Bear was a bear and he was so shy he couldn’t even say hello.  One summer morning as the boy sat alone, a paper boat bobbed across the water.  Thus began the heartwarming adventure between the Boy and the Bear.  As the seasons passed their friendship grew into a rare and unique bond shared by two. 

We loved The Boy and the Bear!  The illustrations are beautiful and fun. The reader will delight in images such as the Bear tiptoeing away from the Boy or the little Boy covering his eyes.  The stark red of the boy’s hat stands out on every page.  The blue used for the bear is a beautiful contrast.  The colors are warm and inviting.  The plot draws readers into every page.  Friendship is often easy to come by. Other times friends are bonded through seasons of ups and downs.  This will become a favorite in homes and classrooms alike!

Reviewer: SL

Goodnight Bubbala by Sheryl Haft, Jill Weber (Illustrator)- OPTIONAL

Goodnight Bubbala by Sheryl Haft, illustrated by Jill Weber. PICTURE BOOK. Penguin Young Readers Group, 2019. $18. 9780525554776



“In the small blue room there was a bubbala (small child) and a little shmatta (blanket) and then, oh vey!(an exclamation of dismay) came the whole mishpacha (extended family).” After a grand celebration involving books, toys and latkes, it is time for saying goodnight.  “Goodnight kneidel (a dumpling) and a shmear (bit of cream cheese) on a bagel. Then goodnight to the dreidel,  blocks and cooking pot.   And finally goodnight to Bubbala who is finally fast asleep snuggling his favorite stuffed animal.

Goodnight Bubbala is a parody of the classic storybook Goodnight Moon.  Most words are written in English but some Yiddish words are intermixed to connect two cultures together.  Yiddish phrases such as, Oy! What a schlep!” often involve the hands and even the heart and soul.  The story is written as a celebration of life, family, and the Yiddish language of many generations.  The end of Goodnight Bubbala  provides a Yiddish-to-English glossary.  The very last page provides a Latke recipe by Ina Garten.  My ratings of Optional buying and Low audience  is strictly due to the fact that there is a specific target audience for this wonderful book. Goodnight Bubbala could be used in a unit on cultures and celebrations.  The illustrations are beautifully executed. 
Reviewer: SL

The Kingdom of Glee by Nicholas Tana - ADVISABLE

The Kingdom of Glee by Nicholas Tana, 42 pages. PICTURE BOOK
New Classic Books, 2019. $25. 9781950033034



The people of the Kingdom of Glee are always happy. Sure that he knows the secret, mean Wizard Wroth from the Kingdom of Angry sends monsters to steal King Gentle’s gold. What will happen to the kingdom?

A cute story with an obvious message, I found The Kingdom of Glee to be charming to read. Tana wrote the book in rhyming couplets, with only a few of them being forced and taking a couple tries to read correctly. The combination of the fun writing and bright illustrations makes this book a great addition to any collection of children’s books.

Reviewer: Carolina Herdegen

I’m Stretched by Julia Cook - ADVISABLE

I’m Stretched by Julia Cook, 30 pages. PICTURE BOOK. National Center for Youth Issues, 2019. $10.



Between school and family drama and piano lessons and soccer tryouts, Henri is always in a flurry of motion. She’s stretched too thin and moving too fast; Henri knows that she isn’t doing her best in everything, but she also doesn’t know how to fix it! Help!

This is a book with an agenda: teach readers how to handle stress effectively. I love how I could feel the stress and anxiety through the illustrations of the first half of the book and how those feelings were soothed and resolved as Henri’s mom taught both Henri and readers how to work with their stress. This short story is a great tool for proactively teaching stress management.

Reviewer: Carolina Herdegen

Monday, November 25, 2019

A Way Between Worlds by Melanie Crowder - ADVISABLE

A Way Between Worlds (Lighthouse Keepers #2) by Melanie Crowder, 213 pages.           Atheneum Books for Young Readers (Simon), 2019. $18

Language: G (0 swears, 0 “f”); Mature Content: G; Violence: PG (war between species and worlds, killing of species)       


AUDIENCE APPEAL: AVERAGE                                            

Griffin discovered that the lighthouse he was tending with his dad was no ordinary lighthouse. It was a portal between worlds. He was able to travel via the lighthouse to Somni. Now he has narrowly escaped the soldiers at Somni and he has his new friend, Fi, with him. All the worlds connected with the lighthouse as a portal, are now threatened by the greedy soldiers on Somni. Each world has its own kind of magic and the soldiers want to capture all of it and use it for their own, evil purpose.   
I loved the first book and was so excited to to see this one. Melanie Crowder has created some believable worlds and corresponding inhabitants. The characters are great and I felt like I was "right there" with Griffin and Fi. If you liked the first book, you will love this one. 

Ellen-Anita, Librarian

Look What I See by Judi Barrett and Ron Barrett - HIGH

Look What I See by Judi Barrett, illustrated by Ron Barrett. BOARD BOOK. Simon & Schuster (Little Simon), 2019. $9. 9781534430730



See the world through a young dog’s eyes from morning until night and everything in between.  The puppy, in human form, observes the world through his shirt as he gets dressed.  At the top of the stairs.  In the tree house.

Very creative.  As adults, we forget and don’t see the little details as children do.  Time to observe the world in a different way and with a child.

Diann, Media Specialist

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Anyone’s Game (Cross Ups #2) by Sylv Chiang –NOT RECOMMENDED

Anyone’s Game (Cross Ups #2) by Sylv Chiang,186 pages. Annick Press, 2018 $10  Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content: G; Violence: G.



Jaden and his one of his best friends, Cali don’t live in the same place, but they get to play games together online. Their favorite game is called Cross ups and Jaden and Calif are really good at it. So good that Jaden has played in a tournament before. Now there is going to another tournament where Cali lives. Jaden and his friends and his sister get to go, but from the start nothing goes right from his hair color, to losing his luggage, and even his friendship with Cali. Cali not only has family issues but a very scary personal issue as well. Will Jaden be able to figure out how to win the tournament and how to help his best friend?

I think the characters are in 6th grade or so, but I couldn’t find a place that said so outright. They are on summer break in any case. I had a difficult time making my way through the story without having read the first book, where much of the character building must have been done.  I like the plot of the story, but its just draggy at times with a lot of filler (Jaden’s time at summer camp for example). The idea of a book about kids who game online is great, and would have an audience, I just wish the story itself was a bit more polished. Some illustrations throughout.

Reviewer: Stephanie MLS & Author.

The Story of Gigantosaurus by Cyber Group Studios – OPTIONAL

The Story of Gigantosaurus by Cyber Group Studios. PICTURE BOOK. Candlewick, 2019. $13. 9781536212303


Four baby dinosaurs are introduced: Mazu, Rocky, Bill, and Tiny. One day they decide to go find out where the Gigantosaurus spends his days. They pack for an adventure and take off, they keep meeting other dino’s but can’t find the one they are looking for. Eventually they end up in a cave and make a terrifying discovery. Featuring large bright animated cartoon style illustrations.

The elusive book based on a TV show that was based on a book, who knew? Fans of the show will want to read about this adventure. Those who haven’t watched the show will be drawn to the bright and appealing cover. That being said, the climax of the story was incredibly lame, it felt like there were pages missing, where the little dino's find or need to go in a cave, how they could have missed what the cave really was, and maybe a little danger after they ran out. The artwork is modern and very appealing.

Reviewer: Stephanie MLS & Author

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Listen by Holly M. McGhee - OPTIONAL

Listen by Holly M. McGhee, illustrated by Pacal Lamaitre.  Roaring Brook Press, 2019.  $18.  9781250318121  



A child runs around in nature following a bird.  As the child listens, smells, eats and hears everything it experiences, the child feels connected to all the parts of earth.  The poem throughout repeats the idea that what is yours, is also available for everyone because we are all connected in the world.  

This is a simple and repetitive poem that’s trying to create a feeling of connectedness.  The illustrations are pastel colors and scribbly which I’m not sure will engage young readers.  Of course, the message that humanity as a whole is connected because we share the earth is great, but I think it’s a bit vague for younger readers.  

Reviewer, C. Peterson.       

Noodleheads: Fortress of Doom by Tedd Arnold, Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss - ADVISABLE

Noodleheads: Fortress of Doom by Tedd Arnold, Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss.  EARLY READER  Holiday House, 2019.  $16.  9780823440016  



Mac and Mac are two noodles who want to feel their heads with knowledge.  They go to the library and check out a book of jokes and a book called The Fortress of Doom.  The two noodles tell each other jokes while they build their own fortress in the backyard, but Meatball comes over and engages the noodles in a contest.  Meatball wins the fortress.  

My boys think the Noodlehead books are funny.  The silly play on words reminds me of Amelia Bedelia because of the play on words and amusing misunderstandings.  The illustrations are engaging and in a graphic novel style.  

Reviewer, C. Peterson.

Friday, November 22, 2019

If Elephants Disappeared by Lily Williams - ADVISABLE

If Elephants Disappeared by Lily Williams.  PICTURE BOOK/NON-FICTION Roaring Brook Press, 2019.  $19.  9781250143204  



Two kids give a tour through the African Congo Basin Forest.  They explain the impact that elephants have on not only the ecosystem of the Congo Forest, but how that forest ties into the well being of our planet in general.  The simplified explanation of how seeds germinate in elephant excrement is also accompanied with statistics on how the elephant populations around the world are diminishing.  

Lily Williams does a good job giving a simplified account of the importance of elephants to our planet.  Each page is interesting and ties the different stages of the system together with lots of green foliage in the illustrations.  The back of the book has ways all readers can contribute to preserving these beautiful and amazing animals.  

Reviewer, C. Peterson. 

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