Sunday, August 25, 2019

Beware the Tiny-Spino by Dustin Hansen - OPTIONAL

Beware the Tiny-Spino (Microsaurs #5) by Dustin Hansen. 211 pages. Feiwel and Friends (Macmillan Publishing Group), 2019. $15. 

Content: G



Vicky Van-Varbles, the girl who travels to Paris for cooking school, is always dressed in fancy designer clothes, and is Lin’s worst enemy, has discovered the secret of the Microterium. Now Danny and Lin must convince Vicky to never tell anyone about the Microsaurs. Despite ruining her favorite sparkle vest, Vicky is determined to be a part of the Microterium crew. All she has to do now is pass the difficult and dangerous test that Danny and Lin have devised for her.

Dustin Hansen is back again for his fifth book of this series. Imagine a world in which dinosaurs are the size of an ant. Now imagine that world exists within our own world. The books are entertaining enough but not my favorites. This series is good for an elementary school library that would like to have a collection by a local author. The chapters are fairly easy to read, and Hansen adds his own illustrations throughout the book. It is best suited for second through fourth grade students.

LMA – Elementary school teacher

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