Friday, May 3, 2019

Wish Upon a Star (A Move-Along Storybook) by Sara Miller - OPTIONAL

Wish Upon a Star (A Move-Along Storybook) by Sara Miller, illustrated by Disney Storybook Art Team. BOARD BOOK. Disney Press, 2019. $9. 9781368028622.



A recognizable cast of Disney characters encourage the reader to wish upon a star--focusing on all the great things that can happen when you do: achieve your destiny, making dreams come true, etc. The large cut-out star piece can be moved along as you go from page to page, so the character in question looks directly at it.

This is a pretty formulaic and unexciting board book that is obviously counting on readers to pick it for the Disney connection rather than for any great story or point to the book itself. There is value here for the youngest Disney fans who will enjoy looking at colorful characters, but the actual text falls fairly flat. I was less than impressed, and I count myself as a pretty intense Disney fan.

Reviewer: TC

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