Saturday, May 4, 2019

Daring Dozen by Suzanne Slade - ADVISABLE

Daring Dozen: The Twelve Who Walked on the Moon by Suzanne Slade, illustrated by Alan Marks.  NON-FICTION/PICTURE BOOK  Charlesbridge, 2019.  $18.  9781580897730  



This book tells of the seven moon missions from 1969-1972.  Each Apollo mission is covered and the highlights from their different trips are depicted.  At the end of the book are synopsis on each Apollo mission with a picture of the Astronauts.  

This book was interesting because I didn’t realize that after the first moon mission, there were so many other missions to the moon and then after three years they stopped sending people to the moon.  The illustrations are attractive and the highlights from their missions are interesting with fun facts such as playing golf on the moon and leaving family photos behind.  Those who love space will enjoy this read.  

Reviewer, C. Peterson    

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