Monday, May 13, 2019

A Squirrelly Situation by Jacqueline Kelly - ADVISABLE

A Squirrelly Situation by Jacqueline Kelly, 100 pages. Godwin Books, (Henry Holt/MacMillan), 2019. $16.

Content: G. 



Calpurnia Tate - Girl Vet is back with another family adventure. This time, her younger brother Travis has found a baby squirrel and brought it home. The indoor cat Idabelle has had a kitten, so Travis adds the baby squirrel to the litter and Idabelle manages to mother both the squirrel (Fluffy) and her own kitten (Thud). Of course Callie's mother doesn't like the idea, but Travis persuades her to let him keep the squirrel. But does a squirrel make a good pet.

I love this series so much! An easy chapter book combined with nostalgia and animals. What more could you ask for? Jennifer L. Meyer's illustrations bring the story to life. This is book 5, and although it can stand on its own, reading them in order is advised.

Lisa Librarian

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