Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Gift of Gerbert's Feathers by Meaghann Weaver & Lori Wiener - GIFT

The Gift of Gerbert's Feathers by Meaghann Weaver & Lori Wiener , illustrated by Mikki Butterley PICTURE BOOK Magination Press, 2020. $17. 9781433830235 



Gerbert is a little goose who is is not growing as quickly as his siblings. He's spunky and fun and works hard, but he understands that eventually he will need to prepare for the Final Migration. So as he weakens, he thinks of a great idea to help his family and friends remember him.

Written by a pediatric oncologist and a behavioral scientist, this is a lovely book for families experiencing illness or death of a child. There's a link to their website with some great resources - be sure to use them hand in hand with this picture book, and read the note at the beginning. A nice gift for a family in need of some comfort.

Lisa Librarian

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