Monday, February 10, 2020

Stargazing by Jen Wang - ESSENTIAL

Stargazing by Jen Wang 214 pages. GRAPHIC NOVEL First Second 2019 $22.00

Content: G.



Christine had heard rumors about Moon - she beats people up, and she's weird - but when Christine's parents help Moon and her mother by getting them a place to stay, Christine gets to know Moon and actually wishes she were more like her. Moon is artistic and creative and fun. She likes K-pop, and makes friends with everyone, and she is enthusiastic about everything. However, she does seem to have a temper, and when Christine becomes jealous and hurts Moon, the consequences are much more than Christine ever expected.

I loved so many things about Jen Wang's beautiful graphic novel. The illustrations are perfect - lots of textless panels that advance the story, and some of the creative placement of illustrations (page 14) feel like cinematography. I loved Christine's relationship with her parents, more strict and traditional than Moon's mother, but Christine still respected their wishes - for the most part. It didn't turn into a story about changing who you are, and I liked that. I'm sure I will need multiple copies of Stargazing in my middle school library. 

Lisa Librarian

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