Thursday, February 27, 2020

Is 2 a Lot? An Adventure with Numbers by Annie Watson and Rebecca Evans - HIGH

Is 2 a Lot? An Adventure with Numbers by Annie Watson, illustrated by Rebecca Evans. PICTURE BOOK. Tilbury House Publishers, 2019. $18. 9780884487159



Joey has some questions for his mommy about numbers.  He wants to know if 2 is a lot.  His mommy explains that 2 pennies are not much, but 2 smelly skunks are a lot.  So begins the adventure as Joey and his mom discuss numbers and their car wondrously fills with Joey’s imagination.

The illustrations of the book are the best!  As Mom is questioned by Joey about numbers, those items appear on the pages.  Five freckles is not a lot, but five cowboys on a city street are a lot.  Joey’s imagination comes alive in the illustrations.

Diann, Media Specialist

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