Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Across the Bay by Carlos Aponte - OPTIONAL

Across the Bay by Carlos Aponte, PICTURE BOOK Penguin, 2019, $18. 9781524786625 



Carlitos feels his family is different from the other families on the island. When he asks his mother about his father he is told that "some things don't work out" so he decides to cross the bay and go to San Juan in search of his father with only a photograph to help him. He visits several different places, sees the "cat population" and gets some good advice from a park ranger. 

The illustrations are vibrant and beautiful. I was a bit confused by the story and had a few issues. The illustration showing how the other families all looked the same were just outlines of people - not sure what that means. Also, how old is Carlitos? I was worried about him taking the ferry all on his own, how big is Old San Juan - is this safe? Was his mother even worried? The abrupt ending was also odd. I think I'll pass on this purchase.

Lisa Librarian

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