Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Whispers by Greg Howard - OPTIONAL

The Whispers by Greg Howard, 229 pages. Putnam (Penguin), 2019. $17.

Content: G



Riley loved the stories his mother told him of The Whispers; mythical creatures who lived in the forest, came out at sunset and granted wishes. More than anything Riley wants to find his mother and to stop wetting the bed. He also wants his dad to love him again. We go with Riley on his quest to find the Whispers and to have his wishes granted. He brings tributes to The Whispers when he goes on his quest to find his mother. Riley is keeping a secret and he thinks his mother knows and that is why she is gone.          

We go with Riley on his quest and get a glimpse into how tormented he feels. Riley has some good friends and his best friend and his dog goes with him into forest at night to find the Whispers, and hopefully his mom. 
This is a good story about self discovery and doing hard things even if you are scared and frightened.  

Ellen-Anita, Librarian

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