Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Breeze’s Blast by Emily Bliss - ADVISABLE

Breeze’s Blast (Unicorn Princess #7) by Emily Bliss. CHAPTER BOOK. Bloomsbury, 2018. $17. 9781681196503



The Unicorn Princesses in Rainbow Realm have invited their human friend, Cressida to the annual Windy Meadows Blast.  The Blast is when the Unicorn Princesses ride huge kites up to the clouds.  After, the unicorns enjoy a feast cooked up by the dragons.  However, Ernest, the wizard-lizard, has cast a spell that could cause problems for the Blast and Princess Moon is worried and doesn’t want to participate in the Blast.

Unicorn Princesses is 7 book series, one book for each unicorn princess.  This book was a complete story without reading the rest of the series.  A fun, easy read for the young unicorn enthusiast.  

Diann, Media Specialist

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