Monday, February 25, 2019

Catwad: It's Me by Jim Benton - ESSENTIAL

Catwad: It's Me by Jim Benton, 127 pages.  GRAPHIC NOVEL  Graphix (Scholastic), 2019.  $9.  Content: G  



Catwad is super grouchy because of his dim-witted friend Blurmp.  Blurmp looks at the bright side all the time and loves everything, especially pizza.  Catwad and Blumrp have hysterical adventures, such as visiting a gross hotel, Blurmp getting sick, and Catwad smiling so hard he turns inside out (very rare).  Although Catwad is grumpy and doesn’t have many friends, it’s fun to watch him interact with Blurmp.  

I think you should read Catwad because it made laugh out loud. I couldn`t stop reading it. Anyone who likes a good laugh, should definitely read this. The pictures in this book are hilarious.  
Student reviewer, Logan, 4th grade.

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