Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Book Case by Dave Shelton - OPTIONAL

The Book Case (Emily Lime #1) by Dave Shelton, 358 pages. David Fickling Books (Random), 2019. $18. 978-1338323795

Content: G



Daphne has been accepted to St. Rita's, and exclusive boarding school for girls. On the train station, right before boarding her train, the railway porter gave her a book to bring back to St. Rita's. Daphne loves to read and starts reading the book as soon as she is on the train. When she arrives, she applies to be an assistant to the librarian. the librarian is not at the school, but Emily Lime, another student is running the library. A lot of things are going on at the school, from late night pantry raids, a secret tunnel, a fire in the library, a break-in, a missing student and a mysterious key. Daphne, Emily and their friend George work on solving the mysteries and even get in danger themselves.       

This was a fun, fast paced book with quirky, quick thinking characters. I think this would be a great mystery book for younger students, 3rd through 5th grade. It would also be a good read-aloud and could lead to a lot of good discussions.  

Ellen-Anita, Librarian                                                                       

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