Thursday, June 6, 2019

Mine. Yours by Marsha Diane Arnold and Qin Leng - OPTIONAL

Mine. Yours by Marsha Diane Arnold, illustrated by Qin Leng.  PICTURE BOOK. Kids Can Press, 2019. $17. 9781771389198



A young panda wanders into the den of an older panda, who gives it a kite to entertain it and get it away from the den.  As the little panda flies the kite through the forest, it runs through and upsets the property of many forest animals. When all of them need rescuing by the big panda, 
however, they figure out a different way.

Arnold uses the word mine and your throughout the book, but this would have been much better if it were wordless. The two words made the whole book feel harsh, angry, and off-putting - not really sitting well with me.

Cindy, Middle School Librarian, MLS

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