Monday, September 28, 2020

A Small History of a Disagreement by Claudio Fuentes S. and Gabriela Lyon - OPTIONAL

A Small History of a Disagreement by Claudio Fuentes S, illustrated by Gabriela Lyon
. PICTURE BOOK. Greystone Kids, 2020. $19. 9781771647076 



When the students return to school, they find out that the prominent monkey puzzle tree is to be cut down to make way for a new science building. Some of the students are for this and some of them are against. Which side will prevail in the ensuing disagreement? 

There isn’t anything in the material to suggest that this is based on a real disagreement. If it were, I would be much more interested. It does very clearly show how a reasonable disagreement can proceed – much differently from what we see in today’s media circus. But it will only be interesting to students if they read it with an adult. 

Cindy, Library Teacher, MLS 

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