Monday, February 2, 2009

Zorgamazoo by Robert Paul Weston - ESSENTIAL

Weston, Robert Paul Zorgamazoo, 192 pgs Razorbill

Language~G, Sexual Content~G; Violence~G


“Are You a Believer in Fanciful Things? In Pirates and Dragons and Creatures and Kings?
Then sit yourself down in a comfortable seat, with maybe some cocoa and something to eat, and I’ll spin you the tale of Katrina Katrell, a girl full of courage (and daring, as well!), who down in the subway, under the ground, saw something fantastical roaming around . . .
What was it she saw? I’d rather not say. (Who’s ever heard of a Zorgle, anyway?)
But if you are curious, clever and brave, if intrepid adventure is something you crave, then open this book and I’ll leave it to you to uncover the secret of ZORGAMAZOO!” 

In a zany book that begs. . . no screams to be read aloud! In complete verse, like the product description above, Weston has created a novel that rivals Dr. Seuss’s tongue twisters and Roald Dahls odd characters and is almost 200 pages long. This is the story of a girl, Katrina Katrell, and a Zorgle named Morty who fate throws together in an adventure to save the Zorgels of Zorgamazoo. Readers will delight in Weston’s ingenious use of language and his brilliant rhythmic verse. A must read-a-loud for all!

Allison Madsen~Teen Librarian-SJO Public Librarian

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